Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

Are these actual concerts, live on stage?

YESSSSSSS!!!! A real band, a real crew, and a real audience. There's just a little bit more metal!

Where is this located?

All events take place at The Ancaster Fairgrounds.

How many people can we bring?

You are permitted to have as many people in your vehicle as there are seatbelts.

What about bad weather?

All events are rain or shine. If determined that weather is so extreme that artists cannot safely perform, shows will be rescheduled or cancelled as needed.

Are there refunds?

Except in extreme circumstances (major storms for example), there are no refunds.

Where will we park?

We will provide directions and assistance upon arrival to the show. Parking is based on a first come first served basis (except VIP). There are several tiers of parking, and within each tier it's a first come first serve scenario.

What about trucks?

Our parking (except VIP) is laid out in rows of 2 vehicles deep per row. Trucks will be parked in the second of the two rows, to allow for the next set of vehicles to be able to see the stage with relative ease. In some circumstances, vehicles will be asked to park on the outside of rows for the sake of equitable viewing for all.

What is VIP

VIP is the first row of cars, directly in front of the stage. For certain shows, there will be other artist driven add-ons. "At The Drive In" cannot guarantee that anything more than prime parking will be available.

Can we get out of our car?

With the exception of attending the portable washrooms, food vendors (if applicable), and merch area (if available), you must remain in your vehicle. The exception is truck beds. We ask that a mask be worn at all times when away from your vehicle. **All social distancing rules as set out by the provincial government are in effect during these events. For up to date information on regulations please visit Mingling between vehicles may result in removal from venue.

Will there be food and beverage available?

Please check the details of each show prior to attending. Most concerts will have a food option, as well as non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase. We highly encourage tap/debit/credit options for payment.

How do I hear the show?

All shows will be broadcast on an FM frequency. The specific channel will be provided on-site. There is also a full PA system so you won't miss a thing if you are hanging out your window or sunroof!

Is there ettiquette around these things?

We ask a few simple things. Please respect people's space. This is big for us. We're all there together for the same enjoy some music, and keep the industry moving in a small way. We also ask that you turn off your headlights if it's possible!! HORNS - blast away when it feels right, but during the music, play it cool.

Is there alcohol?

We are an all ages venue, and it's a 'Drive-In'. The pure nature of the event makes this pretty clear. There is absolutely NO alcohol permitted on site. If you are caught drinking, there will be no warning, you, and the vehicle you're in, with all the occupants will be escorted out of the venue. We take no responsibility for actions that any law enforcement agency may take for any and all alcohol related offences.

What can we bring?

Cell phone cameras, small point and shoot cameras, non-alcoholic beverages. We ask that the following not be brought into the venue: No Glass Bottles No Laser Pointers No High Powered Flashlights No Alcohol No drugs of any kind (this includes canabis products) No airhorns No weapons No lawnchairs No coolers We also ask that you do your part to help keep the venue clean. Please take your garbage with you or find a receptacle on site to put your garbage in.


Are these shows safe?

The province of Ontario is currently in Stage 3 of it's reopening plan. This allows for events like this to take place, as you're staying in your vehicle. This is a safe as a parking lot in a shopping mall or grocery store. In fact, the cars here are further spaced out. That said, we do ask if you're feeling sick, or showing ANY symptoms of COVID-19 that you make the best choice possible and stay home. We want to keep these events running, and YOU play an important role in this. Our crew are all trained via the materials provided by the Ministry of Health, and we will all be practicing social distancing wherever possible, and also wearing masks and faceshields when social distancing isn't possible. All public washrooms (portable toilets) are to be used at your own risk, though we will be ensuring that they are sanitized with a 60% alcohol based sanitizer as often as possible. Sanitizer will be provided at washroom areas. *PLEASE MAINTAIN A SPEED OF NO MORE THAN 5KM/HOUR WHEN DRIVING THROUGH THE SITE.

Do we report any issues on-site?

During events, should there be a serious emergency, dial 911. For all other issues, please see a parking attendent, security guard, or send us a direct message through social media.

What if restrictions change?

If the provincial government imposes further restrictions, we will advise through our website, email lists, and on social media. Refunds will be provided if these shows need to be cancelled due to any government imposed restrictions.